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Mood Swing CD Cover

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Mood Swing

1. We're Still Here (MacCarty) - 2:58
2. Verbena Way (MacCarty) - 3:12
3. The Light (Ferrante) - 4:04
4. Comin' Home Baby (Benglo/Dorough/Tucker) - 3:56
5. Tidal Wave (MacCarty) - 3:58
6. Mister Magic (MacDonald) - 4:33
7. Watermelon Man (Hancock) - 4:31
8. What's Up with That? (MacCarty) - 4:18
9. Always There (Laws) - 3:41
10. Heroes Up (King/Thompson) - 3:49

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Ray MacCarty

Mood Swing

Ray MacCarty - Guitar
Kyle Brock - Bass
Kevin Conway - Drums

Guest musicians:
Riley Osborne - B-3 and Wurlitzer organs
Robert Skiles - Piano
Chris Maresh - Bass
Brad Evilsizer - Drums

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As a young musician growing up in San Jose, California in the 60's and 70's, I became aware of Ray MacCarty early on. Ray was part of the rich R&B and club scene in the South Bay, playing and recording with legendary musician Clifford Coulter. Musicians in San Jose were known for being steeped in the tradition and delivering the real deal, and Ray was no exception. He had a great sense of groove, harmony, and -most important- a keen awareness of what a song most needs from a guitarist.

Later Ray and I reconnected in Los Angeles, playing in the band of another Bay Area transplant, vocalist Marilyn Scott. It was in the close quarters of touring and recording with this band that Ray and I really got to know one another musically and personally. I always admired Ray's versatility and unwavering musicality, playing a diversity of styles from rock to jazz. I also greatly respected his commitment to family through all the ups and downs that inevitably accompany a musician's life.

I am thrilled that Ray has finally been captured front and center on this recording. It's long overdue! He leads a talented lineup of players from the Austin, Texas through a collection of familiar tunes and some very engaging originals. His fire, passion, directness, and commitment to excellence come through loud and clear! I hope this will be just the first of many more recordings from this highly deserving musician.

–Russell Ferrante of The Yellowjackets


James Fenner - Percussion
Russell Ferrante - Liner Notes
Ray MacCarty - Guitar, Producer
Dave McNair - Mixing
Larry Seyer - Percussion, Arranger, Producer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
John Mills - Flute, Saxophone
Rod McGhee - Cover Art

Jack Rock - Engineer, Executive Producer