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Jazz Bars And

Battle Scars

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1. Night And Day
2. Rosetta
3. Teach Me Tonight
4. Small Fry
5. Angel Eyes
6. It Don't Mean A Thing
7. Little Girl Blue
8. Day By Day
9. Mean To Me
10. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
11. I Got it Bad And That Ain't Good
12. My Romance
13. What A Difference A Day Makes
14. When I Fall In Love

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Jazz Bars and Battle Scars CD Cover

Tony Campise

Jazz Bars and Battle Scars

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Tony Campise is a master storyteller -- usually by playing sax or flute as only he can do -- but on rare occasions through his rich jazz vocals.

Campise launched his storytelling career with the Stan Kenton band where he was lead sax sideman. The long and winding road continued with many more nationally reknown bands, over many more years than Tony would like to admit. One of his charmingly wry and self-effacing signature introductory lines is "….and I am the remains of Tony Campise".

This project began over dinner here at Viewpoint with Tony and the crew while in session for his hip Jupiter Flutes demo CD. After the few obligatory glasses of Italian red, table conversation got softer and warmer, and with only a little prompting Tony offered an acapella version of Tears Out To Dry- with a tear in the eye and a little lump in the throat.

It just seemed clear we had to get this magic down on tape so his many friends and fans could enjoy as well. To get all this wonderful performance down just as warm and pure as Tony would do it for you live, we cut and mixed this CD in the classic way, all analog and lots of tubes until the last possible minute to digital. So here we go, and hang onto your hats -- find you best beloved, get a couple glasses of soft red wine, and warm up the stereo. This is simply great stuff!! Long live Tony Campise, master storyteller!!