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Big Nast- Whiskey Drunk

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Whiskey Drunk

1. Speak Down
2. Texas Bound
3. Mama Was A Trainwreck
4. Woman Is The Devil
5. Bad Luck Baby
6. Sunday Morning
7. Moon Is Full
8. Whiskey Drunk
9. Doubling Up
10. Precious Time


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The Big Nasty

Whisky Drunk

Joe Nigrelli - Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Phil Agins - Bass
Mike Thompson - Drums
Kevin Simon - B-3, Keys
J.R. Parks - Lead Guitar, Vocals

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With one foot anchored in Southern blues rock and the other boldly planted in sexy, sweaty, bad boy rawk—the music of The Big Nasty is a working-man’s answer to what is missing from popular music today. With four band members originating from Rhode Island, The Big Nasty has been performing together since high school, touring throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Their energetic and raw blues has been taking over Texas since 2002.

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