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1. Bad Back Jack
2. Stella By Starlight
3. Meanwhile
4. Solar
5. Bass Face
6. Blue In Green
7. My Romance
8. Peace for My Sons

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Meanwhile CD Cover

John Fremgen


John Fremgen- Bass
Peter Erskine - Drums
Mitch Watkins - Guitar

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The Austin Chronicle has described John Fremgen as "...the most proficient local bass man playing out right now, at home in virtually any setting or lineup." He performs in Austin with various artists including Tony Campise, Paul Glasse, Doug Hall, Mitch Watkins, Gerry Gibbs, Suzi Stern and Jeff Hellmer.

He has performed internationally with many jazz and pop luminaries including Jamie Findlay, Shelly Berg, Rick Margitza, Gary Foster, Carmen Bradford, Ernie Watts, Larry Koonse, Bill Watrous, PJ Olsson, Abra Moore, Patrice Pike and Ian Moore.

He is a professor at The University of Texas where he teaches jazz improvisation, jazz theory, jazz bass and directs the AIME ensemble. He has appeared on many jingles and national broadcasts including "Morning Becomes Eclectic" and "The Late Show With David Letterman". He can be heard with PJ Olsson on the CD's "Dust", "PJ Olsson" and the critically acclaimed "Words For Living" on Columbia Records. He can also be heard on the Will Taylor CD "Strings Attached", the Jeff Hellmer CD "Peak Moments", the Dawson's Creek soundtrack "Songs of Dawson Creek", "Math And Science" debut CD and the George Martin Beatles retrospective CD/documentary "In My Life". His first solo project, "Meanwhile", is currently available on Viewpoint Records featuring guitarist Mitch Watkins and legendary drummer Peter Erskin.

From Bebop to Cool, from introspective ballads to popular jazz standards, "Meanwhile", the debut CD from John Fremgen has it all! It is so refreshing these days to hear a young, dynamic bassist coming out of the school of players that were stretching the limits of the instrument,while still paying homage to the traditional bassists of the past. You can hear the influences of Scott Lafaro, Eddie Gomez, and Miraslov Vitous without sacrificing his own originality or voice.

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John Fremgen makes a strong statement with this CD. He's young, versatile, creative and on his way to making a mark in the jazz bass world. Accompanied by guitar great Mitch Watkins and legendary drummer Peter Erskine, John has surrounded himself with the best, and together the three of them take you on a musical journey that you will want to listen to again and again......
- Brian Bromberg

["Meanwhile"] sounds great! John sounds great! The group sounds great!
- David Friesen

John Fremgen has incredibly keen instincts. At times, his interplay creates an impromptu three-part counterpoint. John is a devoted student of the Bill Evans trios, and his interactive playing is an extension of that influence. On the other hand, he instinctively provides a solid, foundational style at precisely those moments when a counterbalance is necessary to the gamesmanship of Peter and Mitch. As a soloist, John is never predictable, yet he always creates a clear and compelling path for the listener to follow. John's musical palette is wide, so it is not uncommon to hear, for instance, his love of delta blues insinuated into a straight-ahead solo. Beautiful.
- Shelly Berg

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Copyright 1999-2005 - © 2005 Viewpoint Records - All rights reserved