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Pieces Of String

1. Little Rootie Tootie
2. Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
3. For A Better Day
4. If I Were A Bell
5. Three In One
6. Standing On Ceremony
7. Mister Nasty
8. Soul Eyes
9. Red Rock
s, Tall Cactus


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Pieces of String CD Cover

John Fremgen

Pieces of String

John Fremgen - Bass
Shelly Berg - Piano
Peter Erskine - Drums

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I heard a story recently about a man going through the belongings of his recently deceased grandmother. In her attic he found an envelope with the words "Pieces Of String Too Short To Use" printed on it. Inside the envelope, believe it or not, were pieces of string in various sizes. I don't know why, but the thought of someone actually saving useless pieces of string wouldn't leave my mind. For some reason, it meant enough to me to title this recording "Pieces Of String", I can't give any concrete parallel between making this CD and an old woman's unwillingness to discard string. It's probably better for my mental well-being not to dwell on it too much anyway.

What a riot this session was! Viewpoint Records comes through again....bringing me together with my old friend and mentor Shelly Berg, and the ever-tasteful drummer Peter Erskine . Piano trio records have always been among my favorite jazz recordings-especially those of Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Ray Brown. It was an honor making trio music with these two masters.

Jim Vollentine wins the award for "Coolest Engineer On The Planet" for coming in at midnight on a whim to record us. Nice sounds.

-John Fremgen
February 2002

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