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If Not Now

1. Monday
2. If Not Now
3. Peace For My Sons (Part II)
4. I'd Rather Walk
5. Roscoe's Graph

6. Dear Prudence
7. While The Cat's Away
8. Color Of Truth
9. Behind Blue Eyes
10. Droids


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If NOt Now CD Cover

John Fremgen

If Not Now

John Fremgen- Upright and Electric Bass
Jermey Brown- Drums
Mitch Watkins - Guitar

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Cadence Magazine calls John Fremgen "…an adroit craftsman on the strings slapping and popping away on electric or plucking resonant tones on acoustic." He can be seen performing in Austin with various artists including Tony Campise, Paul Glasse, Doug Hall, Mitch Watkins, Abra Moore, Gerry Gibbs, and Jeff Hellmer. He has performed with many jazz luminaries including Jamie Findlay, Shelly Berg, Rick Margitza, Gary Foster, Leni Stern, Ernie Watts and Larry Koonse. He is an assistant professor at The University of Texas where he teaches jazz improvisation, jazz theory, jazz history, jazz bass and directs the AIME ensemble. He has performed, taught and conducted across the US as well as Switzerland, Russia, and Holland. He has appeared on many jingles and national broadcasts including "Morning Becomes Eclectic", "Late Night With David Letterman" and the Bravo documentary "In My Life" with George Martin. His bass playing can be heard on the TV shows "Party Of Five", "Dawson's Creek" and the motion picture "Down To You". He records for the Viewpoint record label and has released three solo CD's featuring Peter Erskine, Shelly Berg and many others. John Fremgen endorses Acoustic Image amplifiers and MTD basses.

Selected Discography:
As a leader:
"Meanwhile" with Peter Erskine and Mitch Watkins (Viewpoint)
"Pieces of String" with Peter Erskine and Shelly Berg (Viewpoint)
"If Not Now" various (Viewpoint)

As a sideman:
"Words For Living" PJ Olsson (Columbia)
"Beautifully Insane" PJ Olsson (Columbia)
"PJ Olsson" PJ Olsson (Red Ink)
"Dust" PJ Olsson (HitIt!)
"Jazz, Bars, Battlescars" Tony Campise (Viewpoint)
"Tucker Livingston" Tucker Livingston (Austin Incubator Project)
"In My Life" George Martin (MCA)
"Faithful" Sara Hickman (Sleeveless)
"Somhilgesfil" Joe Richardson Express (Viewpoint)
"Goodnight Venus" Libby Kirkpatrick (Heart Music)
"Inside Stories" Suzi Stern (Viewpoint)
"Math And Science" Math And Science (Brick Red)
"Unknown Soldiers" Third Coast Jazz Orchestra (Seabreeze)
"Peak Moments" Jeff Hellmer/Rick Margitza (Viewpoint)

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Words of Praise:

John Fremgen has incredibly keen instincts. At times, his interplay creates an impromptu three-part counterpoint. John is a devoted student of the Bill Evans trios, and his interactive playing is an extension of that influence. On the other hand, he instinctively provides a solid, foundational style at precisely those moments when a counterbalance is necessary to the gamesmanship of Peter and Mitch. As a soloist, John is never predictable, yet he always creates a clear and compelling path for the listener to follow. John's musical palette is wide, so it is not uncommon to hear, for instance, his love of delta blues insinuated into a straight-ahead solo. Beautiful.
- Shelly Berg

Fremgen shows himself an adroit craftsman on the strings, slapping and popping away on electric or plucking resonant tones on acoustic.
-Cadence Magazine, 2005

John Fremgen is the best bass player on the scene today-at home in virtually any setting or lineup.
- Christopher Hess, The Austin Chronicle

This band was a pleasant surprise…."A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" gives scope for a fine solo by Fremgen.
- Dave Davies, HiFi+ Magazine, 2004

Fremgen is consistently on his toes, strong and energetic, and the group swings hard and happy.
- Judith Schlesinger, All Music Guide review of "Pieces of String"

Bassist John Fremgen has been ubiquitous of late as a producer and band member on other people's recordings and club gigs, but Meanwhile (Viewpoint) gives him an opportunity to step into the spotlight as bandleader and accomplished soloist.
- Jay Trachtenberg, Austin Chronicle review of "Meanwhile"

[Fremgen's] bowed, upright bass passages stir the soul.
-Southland Blues Magazine review of "Somhilgisfel"

Herb jazz with cajones. Jam band banditos get the goods on this album. The flow is smooth and solid .arrangements are original and played so naturally that musical rebates abound and there is enough rock to keep the jazz weeds from getting out of hand. I say, Now-(not if).
- Customer review on

Keep it coming! I want to hear more.
I was looking for something different from the mainstream jazz that you hear today. I stop listening to jazz on the radio because it became boring.....same silking, smooth jazz. I wanted to hear something new, something "raw". Something with imagination. I found it! Truly an original approach in the jazz genre. I like John's "Dear Prudence" better than the Beatle's version. And "Behind Blue Eyes" is awesome. Highly recommended to spice up your listening pleasure. I look forward to the next one.

- Customer review on

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